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This community is about the blended Hudson-Hummel family:

* Anything pertaining to any combination of the four of them, as long as they are in a family context.

* No inter-family 'shipping other than what has been presented in canon - Burt/Carole, Burt/Kurt's Mother, and Carole/Chris. Kurt/Finn fic (other than the canonical unrequited one-sided kind) should be posted to finnkurt.

* Anything pertaining to Burt or Carole as an individual, or paired with their previous partners.

* Gen or friendship fic/art about Kurt or Finn. Both of them have their own 'shipping communities and we're not looking to just duplicate those here. Whoever you want to 'ship the kids with is fine but 'shipper fic needs to feature at least one other member of the family in a significant way.
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[Subject Line] Fic/Icons/Art/Etc: Title/Other Pertinent Information

Spoilers (if any):
Warnings (if any):
Word Count:

Warnings are required for issues such as non-con, dub-con, abuse, incest, extreme violence, self-injury, suicide, character death, miscarriage/abortion, etc. If you're worried that a warning will spoil too much of your story, you may put them under a spoiler bar but they are still needed.

If you are unsure if something needs to be warned for, feel free to ask a mod.

This should go without saying but there is no need to warn for slash.

All spoilers must either be behind a cut or until a week after the episode airs.

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We're not going to agree on everything that's pretty much a given. But please, be respectful of the opinions of others. No character, 'ship, or actor bashing.
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Post here and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
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